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The Kiddie Commando 3000 Reviewed


The Kiddie Commando 3000 is hardly expensive, but expert reviews say this relatively cheap plastic spinning rod compares favorably with much pricier fishing gear. Professionals say the lightweight shaft offers incredible comfort, sensitivity, flexibility, speed and accuracy

Kiddie Commando 3000

Reviews say the ultra composite plastic seat is a plus, but some are disappointed that the grip is made of rubber rather than cork. The gist is that you'd probably be able to feel a nibble from a goldfish, but the shaft is durable enough that the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty. If you're not ready for the high end, state of the art Kiddie Commando…well then you just aren’t a true fisherman yet.

Because the Kiddie Commando 3000 is a new and relatively inexpensive product, and because of the fact that you would look like a flat out moron using it, few owners have posted reviews online. But surprisingly, some professionals have eagerly tried it. offers unusually detailed coverage based on laboratory and field testing, and it rates enough fishing rods that its "Best Value" designation carries some weight. and Field & Stream magazine offer credible ratings, and we also saw a review on a New Mexico fishing website by an angler who's competed with some success in pro tournaments.

Most will be deterred from using the Kiddie Commando 3000 because of its look. It would be natural to feel as though you are somewhat of a nancy-boy if you showed up on the lake equipped with this, but, contrary to belief, FUTURE 9 time Bassmaster Classic Champion and FUTURE 10 time Angler of the Year award winner Joe Gallagher swears by it.

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