FW5K Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to run or walk the FW5K? A: A whole lotta nuttin'. The 2013 FW5K is absolutely free. All that we ask is you bring men's hats, gloves, and socks to donate. Donations will be delivered to the homeless and others in need.
Q: Can I invite a friend? A: We wish you would! Copy this registration link and send it to them http://www.wwdatagroup.com/Applications/fw5k/FW5KRegistration.aspx
Q: I hear there will be beer. Do I need to bring my own? A: Beer?! What?! We know of no such thing. And just ignore that cooler you see underneath the registration table. Really... no idea what you're talking about.
Q: Will there be t-shirts? A: Nope! How much can you ask from a free run?
Q: Is the FW5K on a hilly course? A: Hardly! The FW5K is on the residential streets of Shakopee, with a mere 62.34 feet of incline over two hills. Because it's a loop, runner goes downhill just as much as they go uphill.
Q: I have a business in Shakopee or the surrounding area. Can I get my business recognized at the FW5K? A: Yep, and it's easy. Our participants like discounts on goods and services. We'll have goody bags to pass out, and will be more than happy to include your discount literature or gifts in the gift bag. Contact fw5k@fishwrench.com for additional information.
Q: What is Fishwrench.com? A: Fishwrench.com is a bass fishing related blog that hosts a 5-tournament series in and around the Twin Cities each summer. Tournaments are geared toward weekend anglers with an interest in competitive fishing at a lower level.
Q: I see scoring is provided by WW DATA Group. What is it? A: WW DATA Group provides data and marketing analytics to small to mid-size companies with no data support services of there own, or businesses looking to expand their data analytics capabilities. In addition, WW DATA Group can build custom websites, start a social engagement program for your business, or create custom applications to support your business processes. Contact dataservices@wwdatagroup.com for more information.

Have a question of your own? Email fw5k@fishwrench.com for additional information.