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About was founded in 2000 by two drunkards that couldn’t stop talking about fishing and racing. Not even sophisticated enough to jot ideas onto a bar-room napkin, we went right to notepad and started slapping a website together. Our goal was to build a website. Beyond that, we had no purpose for doing what we were doing.

Winning FishJust a couple of short months into our endeavor, was launched. Fishing and NASCAR articles filled our web pages. But as time wore on, we realized we had nothing to say about racing. Frankly, the sport had grown stale following the death of the beloved #3.

Our focus became fishing; both the techniques involved, and the stupid things we manage to do while partaking in it. A number of iterations of the website have occurred since, but the core of Fishwrench has not changed. We’re a community of weekend anglers for weekend anglers. Frankly, this website is built for you.

Get ready to learn more fishing techniques, improve your game, and have fun doing it. To expand on the knowledge you find in our articles, we also include various fishing groups and forums. Post your questions to other seasoned, but non-professional, anglers to find out how Every-Day-Joe gets it done with his short amount of available time on the water.

Enjoy our pages, and please, drop us a line. The more people participating, the bigger our community becomes. If you’d like to contact the keepers of Fishwrench directly, find us on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

See you on the water!

Bob Wood