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Ask Mr. Fishwrench...

Here are some questions from actual Fishwrench readers.

Submitted By: junkerjunk
On: 7/6/2015

If you were limited to 3 or 4 lures, what would they be?  This is regardless of the fish being sought.

Only 3 lures for multi-species fishing?! I think I’d rather have 3 tackle boxes, and probably 3 different boats!

If you’re going to pin me down, I’m going to say a hook, a sinker, and minnow. That combination will catch about any fish in the lake.

If you want to be species specific, I’d take a jig over any other lure for bass. Pike would happily chase a lipless crankbait, and bass would go after those too. Walleye are going to be more finicky in warm water, so I’d probably use a bubble gum jig head tipped with live bait. That might also score some smallmouth depending upon the body of water.

But really; 3 boats with 3 tackle boxes in each one is the best way to go.

Submitted By: Breleenel
On: 7/16/2014

Mr. Fishwrench,

When will the next Fishwrench 5k be going down?

Runner -

"Are we there yet?"

Answering all of these user questions burns up a lot of time leaving very little time for such silly things like running. In fact, the only thing there is time for is beer. Mmm... beer.

Have I told you about the fine beer selection at Surly?

See, now you''re thinking about beer and forgetting about that whole running thing.


Submitted By: Mesaba
On: 11/1/2011

Mr. Fishwrench, I can get bass to hit a buzzbait but when I set the hook it usually just flies toward me narrowly missing my face, sans fish. What’s my problem?

Do you want to know what your problem is, or do you want to know how to catch fish? I’ll assume the latter, because server space is limited.

Generally, a bass will gobble up a buzzbait like a hormonal teenager on brownies. Strikes can, however, end up short for a number of reasons. Without knowing your specific set-up, here are some things to look for.

  • Are you using braided line? Without stretch, a topwater lure becomes easy to spit. Try switching out to a heavy mono.
  • Are the bass just nipping the back of the lure, and not actually getting to the hook? If so, try adding a trailer (the trailer should match the color of the skirt) and a stinger hook. That combination will turn short bites into hooked-up bites.
  • Does your rod action have any ’cushion’? Extra-fast rod tip speeds can cause a lure to fly back at your head extra-fast. Try changing to a rod that falls more in the range of moderate to moderate-fast tip speed.
  • If you’ve tried a through c and you’re still no getting hooked-up, try the old ’Hey, I think I killed it’ trick. After a bass hits and leaves your lure, let it sink. A hungry bass might come back for it thinking it injured or killed it’s prey. The sick and the dead are much easier to eat than the lively and fighting.

Good luck, and tight lines.

Mr. Fishwrench