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FWBass Tournament SeriesFWBass is a Twin Cities metro area weekday bass fishing league.  We are a casual group of tournament anglers with big aspirations of avoiding weekend boat traffic, having fun, and cashing-in on our fishing skills.

This is a prepaid league, ensuring an even number of boats at most tournaments.

Why FWBass?
  • Three weekday tournaments; two weekend tourneys
  • 94% cash payback; 6% to cover costs of tackle packs and trophies
  • Anglers of all levels
  • League or individual tounament options
  • A fair and balanced field of competitors
Current Year Schedule

For more information regarding the FWBass league, contact Bob Wood at  For sponsorship information, please visit FWBass Sponsorship.

Thank you for visiting FWBass.

Bob Wood
Tournament Director
(612) 568-2629