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Mmm… Bop! Hanson Bros Top Medicine Lake


A no-show in the first event of the year, and a disappointing Lake Waconia tournament left Nate Hanson at the bottom of the FWBass standings.  Inspired confidence, drive, and some extra hard work coupled with a little help from little brother Josh is exactly what Team Hanson needed to grind out a win on a tight-lipped Medicine Lake.


Nate and Josh, not familiar with the lake, and contrary to what they had been hearing from others in the know, took an unpopular approach in picking their spots on Medicine.  They found themselves in areas void of other bass boats, worked edges and docks fast and furious, and after seven hours of fishing showed the seasoned FWBass members how to get things done, bringing 10lbs 7.5ozs to the scale for the win.


That weight was just enough to top the 2nd place team of Brent Muilenburg and Jeff Agrimson by only 3.5ozs.  Finishing second pushed Muilenburg and Agrimson up from 4th to 2nd in the standings, and puts them on track for three-peat in 2014.  Adding to their 2nd place winnings, Muilenburg and Agrimson weighed the big fish for the day at 4lbs 3.5ozs.

Team Fish Weight Big Points
Hanson / Hanson 5 10lbs 7.5oz 2lbs 9.5oz 110.47
Muilenburg / Agrimson 5 10lbs 4.0oz 4lbs 3.5oz 109.25
Dean / Nooyen 4 9lbs 6oz 3lbs 10oz 107.38
Payne 4 9lbs 5oz 3lbs 13.5oz 106.31
Ruhberg 4 5lbs 12.5oz   101.78
Wood / Wasley 5 5lbs 9.5oz   100.59
Huderle 3 4lbs 2.0oz   98.13

Rounding out the top three was the team of Tony Dean and John Nooyen.  They took home the MG Lures 3rd Place Tackle Pack.  It should be noted that each team receiving the MG Lures prize pack in 2014 has finished in the money in the following tournament.  Coincidence?  Unlikely.

Team YTD Points
Payne / Engum 329.24
Muilenburg / Agrimson 327.50
Wood / Wasley 324.00
Huderle 323.97
Ruhberg 314.65
Dean / Nooyen 308.94
Hanson / Potts 305.97


 FWBass moves to Lake O’Dowd in Shakopee on September 17th.  Launch and weigh-in are both at the public boat landing.


For additional information regarding FWBass, contact Bob Wood at

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